The PR 40, with its broad frequency response, is the ideal mic for bass drums and bass guitar. With its superb rear rejection the PR 40 is a must for broadcasters.

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The Heil PR 40 represents completely new dynamic microphone technology designed for a wide range of professional applications such as sophisticated recording, live sound, and commercial broadcast. Producing the widest frequency range available in a dynamic microphone, the PR 40 outperforms most condenser microphones, and can withstand huge amounts of SPL. At the same time, it maintains the 25 year Heil Sound tradition of superbly natural voice articulation.

Since 1982, Heil Sound has been the leading manufacturer of communications microphones and has a paramount understanding of phasing. When properly applied, this knowledge creates outstanding cardiod patterns with unbelievable rear rejection that removes unwanted sounds that try to enter from the off axis rear. The pattern control of the Heil PR 40 is outstanding. This exceptional performance is achieved by using the ideal combination of materials for the large low mass diaphragm and a special mixture of neodymium, iron, and boron that gives the PR 40 the strongest magnet structure available. These features allow the microphone to achieve magnificent dynamic range. A unique screen system using two different diameter mesh screens and an internal breath blast filter allow the user to talk closely to the microphone with little worry of pops or excessive sibilance. The large diameter dynamic element is mounted in a unique Sorbothane © shock mount atop a non-resonant fixture, decoupling the element from the massive steel body. This body and the internal hum bucking coil removes any worry of using the PR 40 near monitor screens or noisy lighting fixtures and controls. The new technology of the Heil PR 40 has redefined the dynamic microphone with superior wide frequency response, the lowest presence of noise in the industry, flawless design, and elite quality expected by an innovator and leader in the field. Welcome to the new standard


Frequenza: 28 Hz- 18 KHz
Diagramma polare: super cardioide
Impedenza: 600 Ohm bilanciati
Livello di uscita: -53,9 dB
Elemento generatore: capsula dinamica da 2,86 cm
Polarità: + al pin 2
Tipo di magnete: Neodimio Ferro e Boro
Struttura esterna: acciaio
Lumghezza: 17,14 cm
Diametro: 5,33 cm.
Diametro dello stelo: 2,38 cm.
Peso: 383 gr
Finitura: anodizzata color champagne
Accessori in dotazione: clip
Accessori opzionali: supporto ammortizzato SM-2