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MFJ 306

World band SWL converter car radio

This MFJ-306 World Band Explorer converts your AM/FM car radio into a World Band receiver at the push of a button. Unlike local FM and AM radio stations that fade out after a few miles,enjoy shortwave throughout your entire trip.
MFJ-306 covers the entire 19,25,31,and 49 Meter international shortwave broadcast bands. On these bands youll hear stations from all over the world at various times of the day and year -- including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, America and more!
Its easy to install. Just unplug your car radio antenna and plug it into the MFJ-306, then insert the MFJ-306 cable into your radio antenna jack and connect 12 VDC.
Measures just 5x1-1/2x3-1/2 inches -- small enough to fit anywhere in your vehicle. Push button selects world band or AM/FM radio. Excellent sensitivity and selectivity when used with your automotive receiver. Standard Motorola antenna plug and jack.