MFJ 945E

Manual Tuner 1.8-60 MHz 300W


Covers 1.8 to 60 MHZ+  6-meter band and has antenna bypass Switch!
Handles 300 Watts.
The small 8W x 2H x 6D inch black aluminum cabinet uses little room. The Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and reflected power -- at a glance. It reads forward/reflected power in 300/60 and 30/6 Watt ranges. ON/OFF lamp switch. Requires 12 volts for lamp. (MFJ-1312DX)
Back panel has SO-239 connectors for transmitter and coax and a wing nut post for your ground.

Frequenza: 1.8-60 MHz
Potenza: 300 W

Induttore rotante

Dimensioni: 20.3X5.08X15.24
Peso: 1 Kg.